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Savin Jones Insurance Agency Blog: 02127 home insurance

View the latest blog posts from Savin Jones Insurance Agency.

 Homeowners Insurance - HO3 vs. HO5 - Massachusetts   Many homeowners operate under the assumption that all Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts is created equal. A common notion is that as long as the coverage limits match, a policy or quote comparison is "apples to apples. READ MORE >>

 Home Insurance - How to prepare for a Hurricane. Are you Covered??     How to prepare your home — and your finances — for a Hurricane   1 in 4 U.S homes is Underinsured. And, with an "above average" Hurricane Season a few weeks away, its time to check to see if your Homeowner Insurance Policies are watertight. READ MORE >>

FAST AND FRIENDLY HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE  Quote your Home Insurance Now - Save Money -    Get a free Home Insurance Quote Now Click Here >>>>>     Are you paying to much for Home Insurance?  Quote US and find out with "NO" Obligation! READ MORE >>

 Pets not welcome in condo?? If you live in a condo, and you are considering getting a pet, then you are up against it on two fronts.   One, your condo has rules. Most condo’s are not pet friendly, or at the least they are tolerated. READ MORE >>

Man bit by unattended Pit Bull dog in Southie (South Boston) - Homeowner Liability Insurance - Condo - Renters - Insurance Liability with Dogs  Man bit by unattended dog in Southie   January 4, 2017  On Tuesday, we stumbled upon this story on our social media feed. READ MORE >>

5 Reasons Why Renters Need Insurance  - Ma Homeowners Insurance Protection for the landlord and renters Many renters are under the assumption that if they are living in an apartment or rented building, they are protected under the landlord's insurance policy. This is only partially correct. READ MORE >>

Does a Homeowners Policy Cover Damages During an Airbnb Rental? Like everything else touching the law, it depends. There are some policies which protect homeowners and renters from certain types of lawsuits that result from injury to a visitor, while other policies do not. READ MORE >>

Tips for Homeowners Holiday Safety There’s nothing quite like the holiday season. It’s a favorite time of year for so many. But it can also be a tragic time when it comes to fire dangers in the home. According to the U.S. READ MORE >>

Do you have Homeowner Umbrella Insurance? Personal Homeowner Umbrella Insurance.  Do You Have the Right Coverage? Umbrella Home insurance is extra liability insurance. It is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as a result it helps protect your assets and your future. READ MORE >>

Aww ... Cute as a button right :) Not if he or she bites someone. Your insurance company will probably "not pay a liability suit". Here are just some of the dogs insurance companies exclude. Do you have enough money to pay out on a law suit? **We have you covered. READ MORE >>

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